Some more information about eBays J2EE application?

The presentation The eBay Architecture – Striking a balance between site stability, feature velocity, performance and cost gave me a first impression of the internal architecture but I would like to know a little bit more about the realization. J2EE is (inglorious) “famous” for EJBs, JMS, JCA, … but these terms are not mentioned in the pdf. I got the impression that eBay is not really using the „hard“ stuff.

  • “eBay internally-developed pure Java OR mapping solution.” OK. No CMP. That implies that the container is not responsible for CMT.
  • “Keep Application Tier Completely Stateless”. Ok. No Stateful Session Beans.
  • “eBay scales on Servlets and a rewritten connection pool.” Hm. So no JDBC 2 connection pool from a vendor. So why is this a Java EE application? Because of Stateless Session Beans? (Then JNDI is in the boat.) The Spring folks will see a opportunity for POJOs on Tomcat/Jetty, … 🙂

Does anyone have some more information about this?

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