Zwei Open-Source Bibs für Java ME Entwicklung

Wer für die Java ME entwickelt, der muss vieles selbst machen, da die CLDC/MIDP-Bibs doch relativ schwach sind. Zwei Open-Source Bibs, die dort Arbeit abnehmen können, sind:

  • kommons – JavaME reusable objects; hat nix mit KDE zu tun 🙂
    The goal of the project kommons is to provide a set of reusable objects useful to make networking, object persistence (Caching), logging, working with Strings (Iso, UTF8) and many more…
  • 59pixels Open Source J2ME Libraries
    Some of the libraries which 59Pixels have built up over the last year. Most of them are the first generation versions and are not as polished or as efficient as they could be but we have been able to distribute our products on over 150 handsets so I’m sure they will be useful to you.

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