Quaqua Look And Feel. Das bessere Mac OS X LaF

Quaqua ist ein Swing-LaF, was besonders gut an die Apple Human Interface Guidelines ranreicht.

Quaqua Look And Feel - Metalworks

Das Demo  läuft auch unter Windows.

Java Webstart

Features (von der Webseite):

  • (Nearly) Native User Experience
    Quaqua user interface delegates closely look and behave like their native counterparts. Complex user interface components, such as JFileChooser and JColorChooser, are close enough to make end users feel comfortable with them.
  • Blends into OS X Designs
    Quaqua supports three OS X designs: Tiger, Panther, Jaguar. Quaqua automatically chooses the right design for the current operating system.
  • Alternative Styles
    Quaqua offers alternative styles for many user interface elements. Such as small styles for most of the components, as well as a striped style for tables, lists and trees. Jaguar-design like tabbed panes with stacking tabs are also supported.
  • Additional Components
    Quaqua provides Swing implementations of NSBrowser and NSSheet (named JBrowser and JSheet).
  • Clean Layout
    Laying out Aqua components with Java is quite challenging. Quaqua provides an API for component alignment based on visual criteria (baseline, visual bounds, preferred gaps). JScrollPane’s automatically avoid overlaps with the grow-boxes of windows.
  • Localized in four languages
    Quaqua is localized in the following languages: German, French, Italian and English.

Neben dem LaF für Standardkomponenten gibt es mit JBrowser und JSheet noch zwei “Spezialkomponenten”.

Die Lizenz ist License (LGPL or BSD), und die Doku mit vielen Screenshots. Tolle Arbeit!

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