Android-App Bezahlung über PayPay war wegen der Wikileaks-Payback-Attacke nicht möglich

Die führt(e) eine DOS-Attacke auf PayPay und andere Dienstleister durch. Weiter auf

On December 5., a group of activists and hackers known as "Anonymous" called upon supporters to attack sites of companies that oppose WikiLeaks as part of Operation Avenge Assange.[158] Paypal has been targeted following their decision to stop processing donations for Wikileaks.[159][160] Gregg Housh, who previously worked on other projects with Anonymous, said that he had noticed an organized attempt taking place to attack companies that have not supported WikiLeaks. In reference to the support being shown for Wikileaks, Mr. Housh said; "The reason is amazingly simple, we all believe that information should be free, and the Internet should be free."[161] On 8 December 2010 Paypal website was victim of a Denial-of-service attack by Anonymous.[162][163][164] Later that day, Paypal announced in his blog that they will release all remaining funds in the account to the foundation that was raising funds for WikiLeaks.

Android-Apps konnten über PayPay nicht bezahlt werden, was die klare Verwundbarkeit des Bezahldienstes zeigt.

Die Software, die für den DOS genutzt wird, ist die C#-Software (lustiger auf

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