Wicket 1.5 jetzt raus

Siehe http://wicket.apache.org/2011/09/07/wicket-1.5-released.html.

Most notable changes

With this release the Wicket team has revised many of its internals. A short list:

  • HTML5 components added: EmailTextField, NumberTextField, UrlTextField and RangeTextField
  • New inter-component events (explained below)
  • Minimum required servlet API is servlet-api 2.5
  • All standard validators now extend Behavior to allow for client side validations
  • IBehavior has been removed and AbstractBehavior has been deprecated, you should now extend Behaviorinstead
  • Simplified the request cycle processing and made it more extensible
  • URL handling is now in one place
  • Wicket’s rendering code has been greatly simplified
  • Improved browser caching support
  • ClientSideImageMap replaces old ImageMap
  • Better support for running behind proxies with x-forwarded-for header
  • Request cycle listeners make it easier to integrate frameworks in your Wicket application
  • Consistent naming: methods with Javascript in the name have been renamed to use proper capitalization:JavaScript
  • Switching to HTTPS is as simple as configuring a new root mapper to make Wicket HTTPS aware and annotating a page with @RequireHttps

A longer list of changes and improvements can be found in our migration guide.

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2 Gedanken zu “Wicket 1.5 jetzt raus

  1. Hallo Christian,

    die neuste Wicket-version 1.5.3 hat, wie du auch schreibst (Minimum required servlet API is servlet-api 2.5 ), Abhängigkeit zu dem Servlet-api 2.5.

    Welche min-requirements sind das? Könnte ich Wicket 1.5.3 mit Servlet-api 2.4 nutzen? was würde dabei kaputtgehen?

    Danke im Voraus

  2. Wicket benötigt einen Servlet-Container mit 2.5, aber das in in der Regel kein Problem, da alle modernen Containern 2.5 sind. Wenn man einen alten Container hat, läuft es einfach nicht, weil Methoden fehlen.

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