Release von Velocity Engine Version 1.7

Nach der Version 1.6.4 im May gibt es nach einem halben Jahr ein Update auf die nächste Versionsstufe Velocity 1.7. Die Updates

Since 1.6, there has been a lot of work: #@body()content#end, #[[literal content]]#, major namespacing changes, $newListSyntax[$i], and more. Please see the change log for details!

Since 1.7-beta1, we fixed, VELOCITY-785, VELOCITY-766, VELOCITY-760, and VELOCITY-753. We also added access to current template and directive debugging info through $ (where foo is the namespace you are seeking info about).

For more details on these, again, see the change log.

Downloads of 1.7 are available here. This is a drop-in replacement for Velocity 1.6, however, it also begins the transition to 2.0 features. Users upgrading should expect deprecation warnings in their logs.

Was benutzt ihr für eine Template Engine? Velocity oder Freemaker oder andere (exotische) wie