IntelliJ IDEA 8.1

JetBrains hat eine neue Version ihrer IDE herausgegeben: IntelliJ 8.1. Die Änderungen sind eher unter der Haube (wie Performance Optimierungen) als das groß neue Features implementiert wurden. Dennoch gibt es einiges Neues:

IntelliJ IDEA Server

To make all of your favorite settings (keymap, fonts and colors, inspection profiles, etc.) accessible from any computer where you run IntelliJ IDEA, create a JetBrains Account and log in with it to a dedicated JetBrains server at IntelliJ IDEA startup.

Team Foundation Server integration

Perform all common VCS functions (commit, update, revert, etc.) from IDE. Create and manage TFS workspaces, merge branches, lock and unlock files, view the changes history, and do more.

Git integration

Carry out common VCS operations right from IntelliJ IDEA, plus do Git-specific tasks like cloning of remote repositories, pushing and pulling of local repositories, rebasing (including interactive mode and multiple Git roots), and more.

Perforce jobs support

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IntelliJ IDEA Perforce integration now lets you list Perforce jobs, view their details and link them to arbitrary changelists. Jobs can be selected and linked directly from the Commit Changes dialog.

Oracle SQL dialect support

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SQL editor supports Oracle SQL dialect, with completion, validation and highlighting.

Resin integration

Resin application server is supported via the dedicated run configuration, with application deployment and debugging (both local and remote).

Copyright plugin bundled

Generate copyright headers for any type of source code and let IntelliJ IDEA automatically keep them up-to-date. All it takes is creating a template for the copyright text and specifying the scope to which it should be applied.

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