Log4j 2.1 freigegeben

Ralph Goers hat die Freigabe von Apache Log4j 2.1 bekanntgegeben: https://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/www-announce/201410.mbox/%3CBC551B1B-6257-4DB1-B640-0858A400FC68@apache.org%3E.

Neuerungen sind unter anderem:

o LOG4J2-868:  Add ShutdownCallbackRegistry interface for customizable shutdown callback handling.
This is particularly
       useful for application servers that wish to integrate with Log4j 2. 
o LOG4J2-589:  Supported filtering on custom log levels in configuration. 
o LOG4J2-856:  Documentation: add sections on the JUL Adapter, IO Streams and NoSQL Appenders
to the Maven and Ivy page. 
o LOG4J2-848:  Add a Java lookup to provide nicely formatted runtime version information.

o LOG4J2-809:  Move reflection utility class to API's private utility classes. 
o LOG4J2-833:  Documentation: added Runtime Dependencies link to left nav-bar on site. 
o LOG4J2-816:  Documentation: added section on XInclude to user manual Configuration page.

o LOG4J2-547:  Add the Log4j IOStreams component. 
o LOG4J2-431:  Added Memory-Mapped File Appender. Thanks to Claude Mamo. 
o LOG4J2-827:  Support use of TypeConverter classes through the standard Plugin system. 
o LOG4J2-825:  Add simple validation constraint annotations for the Plugin system. 
o LOG4J2-428:  Implement a GELF layout. Thanks to Mark Paluch. 
o LOG4J2-608:  Add java.util.logging implementation based on log4j-api. See log4j-jul documentation
for more details. 
o LOG4J2-793:  Add support for custom SLF4J Markers in log4j-slf4j-impl module. 
o LOG4J2-771:  Add lookup for application main arguments. 
o LOG4J2-787:  Add lookup for JVM arguments. 

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