SmartGWT 1.1

Von SmartGWT, der bekannten OpenSource-GWT-Toollibrary gibt es eine neue Version. Der Showcase zeigt neue Komponenten: Die Release-Notes führen auf:

Unified DataBoundComponent interface which is implemented by DynamicForm, ListGrid, TreeGrid, Menu, ColumnTree, TileGrid, DetailViewer and Calendar.

– Consistent representation of a Record which can be used by any DataBoundComponent

– Support for GWT-RPC DataSource with DataBoundComponents

– Various component and skin performance improvements

Formula and Summary fields:
built-in wizards for end users to define formula fields that can
compute values using other fields, or summary fields that can combine
other fields with intervening / surrounding text. Available in all
DataBoundComponents, easy to persist as preferences

I18n support with resource bundles from 14 locales

– Significant improvements to Javadocs with tons of documentation on various concepts. (over 30MB on disk)

– API’s to save and restore the display and selection state of various components to/from the server

Automatic databound dragging
behaviors: grids and trees will now inspect data relations declared in
DataSources and automatically “do the right thing” for a databound drag

– Numerous enhancements. See the detailed API Changes document

Over 50 additional enhancements and bug fixes that were logged in tracker

– Several new events and extension points on various components to allow advanced usage

– A helloworld-1.6 starter project for SmartGWT with GWT 1.6

– Several new examples in the SmartGWT Showcase (see „New Samples“ side nav item in the Showcase)

Key API’s added


– Ability to globally set the Date input and rendered formats across the application


– ability to select / deselect records, fetch / filter data and carry out various other operations on any DataBoundComponent

DataSource and DataSourceField

– ability to specify custom field value extractor logic for a given DataSourceField

– API’s to control http caching and result batch size

– DataSourceField.setCanSortClientOnly


– listeners for minimize, maximize, restore and close


– support for customizing event edit dialog fields

– event remove listener


– convenience constructors for various FormItems

– support for customizing form field and title tooltips

– TextItem : support for character casing and entry restrictions (regexp based)

– TextItem : support for hints displayed in-field

– ComboBoxItem : fetchDelay setting

– AutoFitTextAreaItem: autofits to contained text as the user types

Column Tree (Miller Columns)

– added node selected listener


– Grouping modes: built-in and custom grouping modes, such as the ability to group a date column by week, day, month or year

– added header click listener

– added record drop listener

– ability to customize grid groupings by record values and also group title

– support for adding custom formula and summary fields on the fly

– ability to register custom handler to control visibility of a ListGridField

– added ListGridField.setCanFreeze, ListGridField.setCanSort

SectionStack (Accordion)

– added section header click event


– added folder drop listener

– ability to override getIcon() / getNodeTitle() to allow users to have custom node icon / title logic

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