GWT 2.8.0 ist raus

Details zu den Änderungen unter Toll ist die Unterstützung von Java 8.

  • Started using ES6 Maps when available for HashMap/HashSet that yields up 3x performance improvements.
  • Partial support for Java 8 standard library APIs (see below for full list).
  • Source level set to Java 8.
  • Static and default methods in interfaces aren’t visible to generators. If you want to take advantage of those Java-8isms, you’re encouraged to switch to an annotation processor. This could break existing build if an interface is changed to turn a non-default method into a default method.
  • Emulate
  • Emulate Optional<T> and its int, long, double variants.
  • Emulate Objects.requireNonNull() with message Supplier.
  • Fix Math.min/max(float/double) emulation behavior.
  • Emulate Character.isBmpCodePoint().
  • Emulate CharSequence.chars().
  • Emulate java.lang.SecurityException.
  • Emulate Java 8 API of
  • java.util.Arrays,
  • java.util.ArrayDeque,
  • java.math.BigInteger,
  • java.util.BitSet,
  • java.util.Comparator,
  • java.util.function,
  • java.util.Iterator,
  • java.lang.Iterable,
  • java.util.IntSummaryStatistics/LongSummaryStatistics/DoubleSummaryStatistics
  • java.util.Collection/Lists/Queues,
  • java.util.Map,
  • java.util.logging.Logger,
  • java.util.PrimitiveIterator,
  • java.util.Spliterator,
  • java.util.StringJoiner

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