Google Guava 28.0 erschienen

Änderungen laut

  • collect: Added Duration-based overloads to some Queues methods. (21d06cf)
  • net: Added MediaType for „application/geo+json“. (36cd5cf)
  • net: Added a number of constants to HttpHeaders.
  • concurrent: Removed deprecated CheckedFuture and related utilities. (3dd22fe)
  • concurrent: Added Duration-based overloads to many methods.
  • concurrent: Removed @Beta from setFuture. (5ec1360)
  • concurrent: Added deprecated FluentFuture.from(FluentFuture) to point out redundant code. (f9f2807)
  • graph: Added GraphBuilder.immutable(),ValueGraphBuilder.immutable() and NetworkBuilder.immutable() for building immutable graphs in a fluent way.
  • J2ObjC: Fixed crashes from use of ImmutableMap.entrySet(). (74fc49f)

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