Google Guava in Version 29 erschienen

Zu den Details:


  • Guava types can no longer be sent over GWT-RPC. To temporarily reenable support, set the guava.gwt.emergency_reenable_rpc system property to true. (5214a10)
    • This is the only breaking change in this release, and it affects only users of the guava-gwt artifact, not people who use only the guava artifact. This release contains no changes that break binary compatibility for any users.
  • API documentation for Guava classes is now easier to reach. For example, for ImmutableList, visit Also, more easily access the index at
  • collect: Annotated FluentIterable.from(FluentIterable) with @DoNotCall. (b1c77b7)
  • collect: Made ceilingfloorheadSet(E, boolean), and tailSet(E, boolean) methods available in the GWT-emulated ImmutableSortedSet. (7e0fe905f2fbf2)
  • graph: Made it possible to set a stable incident edge order by calling the newly added method [Value]Graph.Builder.incidentEdgeOrder(ElementOrder.stable()). (7016402)
  • graph: Added incidentEdgeOrder() to the [Value]Graph interfaces. (cde576e)
  • util.concurrent: Added Duration-based default methods to ListeningScheduledExecutorService. (931e83f)
  • util.concurrent: Added immediateVoidFuture. (9f3bae5)
  • util.concurrent: Removed @Beta from Service and related classes. (dc46627)
  • util.concurrent: Deprecated the 1-arg overload of ServiceManager.addListener. (86e3620)
  • util.concurrent: Changed the return type of ServiceManager.servicesByState() to ImmutableSetMultimap (but also retained a method with the old signature for binary compatibility). (31999ae)
  • util.concurrent: Made it safe to load the AbstractFuture class from a ForkJoinPool thread under a security manager. (6e0c5b5)

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