QueryDSL 5.0.0 verfügbar

Aus den Release-Notes: https://github.com/querydsl/querydsl/releases/tag/QUERYDSL_5_0_0:

This release of QueryDSL targets Java 8 minimally and comes with various improvements to make QueryDSL ready for the modern Java ecosystem.
This version also removes joda-time:joda-time, com.google.guava:guava and com.google.code.findbugs:jsr305 as required runtime dependencies for using QueryDSL.

QueryDSL 5.0 is the long awaited major release after the QueryDSL project was left mostly unmaintained for over two years.

New features

  • #2672 – Various performance and code improvements possible by targeting Java 8 source level.
  • #2672 – Added Fetchable#stream() which returns a Stream<T>.
    Make sure that the returned stream is always closed to free up resources, for example using try-with-resources.
    It does not suffice to rely on a terminating operation on the stream for this (i.e. forEach, collect).
  • #2324 – Removal of Guava as dependency.
    Almost no required transitive dependencies to get started with QueryDSL.
    And no more conflicts with Guava versions required by your other tools or own application.
  • #2025joda-time:joda-time is no longer a required dependency for querydsl-sql.
    By default, the Java 8 date/time API is used for date/time operations.
    The joda-time:joda-time types will still be registered automatically if they are on the classpath.
  • #2215 – MongoDB 4 support through the Document API
  • #2697 – Allow com.querydsl.core.alias.Alias.* to be used on a JRE by relying on ECJ as compiler
  • #2479 – Swap out JSR305 for Jetbrains Annotations.
    Because the Jetbrains Annotations, contrary to the JSR305 annotations, use a Class retention level, Jetbrains Annotations
    does not have to be available at runtime and is not a transitive dependency.
  • #658 – Added JPAExpressions#treat which can be used to generate JPA 2.1 Treated path expressions.
  • #2666 – More descriptive error message when using unsupported query features in JPA.
  • #2106 – Support NullsLast ordering in querydsl-collections.
  • #2404 – Upgrade of JTS / Geolatte in querydsl-spatial
  • #2320 – Make Spatial support available to HibernateDomainExporter and JPADomainExporter.
  • #2612 – Support jakarta.* packages for new Jakarta EE releases (available through thejakarta classifiers for Maven)
  • #1376 – Return typed expression from nullif and coalesce methods.
  • #1828 – Kotlin Codegen support
  • #2798 – Java Record support

Wie ist denn der Einsatz bei euch von QueryDSL? Eine wichtiger Baustein in eurer Unternehmensanwendung?

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