Java Swing Framework hat sich wohl erledigt

Das AppFramework (RI von JSR 296) ist wohl tot. Von Pushing-Pixels:

Hans Muller confirms what many have already guessed. His e-mail on the users mailing list of AppFramework (reference implementation of JSR 296) confirms that the development of this project has been dead since last November and will continue to be so through this summer. The subsequent discussion on the mailing list indicates that it is quite unlikely that somebody will step up and be able to provide leadership that is much needed for JSR-level projects. The inclusion in JDK 7 looks like it’s in jeopardy as well.

Hans Muller schreibt dazu:

I’m the spec lead for JSR-296 and the only developer as well. I’ve been neglecting the project for the past several months to focus exclusively on Sun’s Java FX initiative. You can see the results of some of that work in the Scenario project (, and before too long in the revised („Reprise“) version of the graphics/UI library for the FX Script language. I’d originally expected to be heads-down on FX for a couple of weeks and then after that return to devoting part of my time to this project. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened and it’s unlikely to change through this summer.

I’m proud of how far along Application Framework is and it’s inspiring to see how the developer community has responded. It’s particularly gratifying to see questions asked and answered on this list and proposals floated and discussed. I’d like to restore the project’s ability to make some progress, by adding a few developers to the project who’ll be able to update the code and make decisions about how to evolve the design. If you’re interested and if you feel you have the time and the right kind of experience, please send me an email. I’m going to try and resolve this in the next week or so.

Tja. Hoffentlich bleibt dann das Bean-Binding stehen. Obwohl — da schreibt Pushing-Pixels weiter:

John O’Connor has an article on Beans Binding (reference implementation of JSR 295). Unfortunately, these two projects are twin victims of JavaFX for the better part of this year, and one could only hope that JavaFX will live up to its promise and to the investment in engineering resources that have been subverted to it.

So viel zum Thema: „Wir bringen Java zurück zum Desktop. In Java 7.“ Klar.

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