Smart GWT 2.1 ist raus

Von den Release Notes

    • GWT 2.0.3 compatible

    • New Graphite theme

    • ListGrid enhancements

      • Record RollOver controls
      • RollUnder Canvas support
      • Background components
      • Support for arbitrary widgets in cells
      • Ability to display row numbers
      • setMaxExpandedRecords(..) to control max. number of simultaneous expanded records
      • ListGridField.setCanDragResize(), setCanReorder(), setAutoFreeze(), setShouldPrint() API’s
      • Checkbox selection with grouping
      • MultiColumn sort enhancements
    • TreeGrid enhancements

      • Support for Checkbox tree with Cascade selection
      • Support for tri-state checkboxes (selected, unselected, partial)
      • Performance enhancements
    • ToolStrip enhancements

      • Significant improvement in appearance
      • Added ToolStripButton and ToolStripMenuButton classes
      • Vertical ToolStrips
    • Print support enhancements

      • ability to control which components display in print view
      • print styling on a per-component basis
      • support print window customizations
      • API for the number of records displayed in print view (can be different from UI view)
    • Browser Plugins as widgets

      • Flashlet widget
      • Applet widget
      • ActiveXControl widget
      • SVG widget
    • Other Widget enhancements

      • Window : support for footer controls
      • Calendar : control dragability of events
      • New IMenuButton & IPickTreeItem classes with improved appearance
      • AdvancedCriteria enhancements and support for programmatic construction
      • SectionStack drag reordering support
      • FilterBuilder support for working with very large number of fields
      • Convenience FormItem.setRequiredMessage(..) API
      • TileGrids now automatically relayout if a tile resizes
      • Added support for grouping for formula and summary fields
    • Performance enhancements

      • Snappier TreeGrid expand / collapse
      • Faster Canvas resize
      • Faster Tab close (deferred destroy)
    • Logging of warnings and error to the GWT Developer Console in addition to the Smart GWT Dev. Console.

    • Improved exception handling and reporting.

    • i18n enhancements

    • Showcase enhancements and several new samples under the „New Samples“ side nav

    • 27 additional enhancements and bug fixes that were logged in tracker

Über Christian Ullenboom

Ich bin Christian Ullenboom und Autor der Bücher ›Java ist auch eine Insel. Einführung, Ausbildung, Praxis‹ und ›Java SE 8 Standard-Bibliothek. Das Handbuch für Java-Entwickler‹. Seit 1997 berate ich Unternehmen im Einsatz von Java. Sun ernannte mich 2005 zum ›Java-Champion‹.

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