Erster Milestone von GWT 2.1

Und es gibt tolle Neuigkeiten. Zum einen Data Presentation Widgets (Widgets zur effizienten Darstellung großer Datenmelgen) zusammen mit einem MVP-Framework.

Aus dem GWT-Blog:

With GWT 2.1 Milestone 1, you are one step closer to being able to build business apps for the cloud as easily as ever. Using GWT’s new data presentation widgets and MVP framework, you can create great looking web apps that run fast, whether you’re interacting with 25 records or 25 million records. This is accomplished by designing the widgets to be extremely lightweight, using DIVs and HTML instead of composites and widgets, and an app framework that makes it easy to fetch only the data you need, when you need it.

To make building web apps even faster, you can now use VMware’s Spring Roo to create a functional app with a few commands. All of these tools are available, including the Google Plugin for Eclipse and App Engine SDK, within SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) — providing you an integrated development environment.

And since it’s written using GWT, your resulting app is an HTML5 app that is cloud ready from the beginning.

Hier zu den Release-Notes.

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