RoboVM erreicht Version 1.0

RoboVM erlaubt es, Java-Anwendungen für iOS und auch Android zu compilieren.

Ankündigung unter

Gegenüber der alten Version:

  • The debugger has received another round of updates. All JDWP functionality is now implemented.
  • Support for RAM disk caches. This can help speed up the compilation and linking process on slow HDDs.
  • Support for HFS+ file compression. All files put into the cache are now compressed, further speeding up the compilation process and reducing the amount of space used for the RoboVM cache.
  • Initial project template and Maven archetype support.
  • A new Eclipse project wizard, using the templates project
  • Support for invoking tools via robovm.xml. We currently support the TextureAtlas tool, with more to come.
  • Cleanup and simplification of Objective-C bindings, see the binding status page

Neu ist eine kommerzielle Lizenz:

Our commercial license scale with the size of your business, covering solo developers, startups, SMEs and big enterprises. Depending on your plan, you’ll get access to the following features and services:

  • JDWP compliant debugger for both simulator and on-device debugging
  • Improved crash reporting
  • Private e-mail support, with and without SLA
  • JavaFX support
  • Hotfix support
  • Alpha channel access to new commercial features

Über Christian Ullenboom

Ich bin Christian Ullenboom und Autor der Bücher ›Java ist auch eine Insel. Einführung, Ausbildung, Praxis‹ und ›Java SE 8 Standard-Bibliothek. Das Handbuch für Java-Entwickler‹. Seit 1997 berate ich Unternehmen im Einsatz von Java. Sun ernannte mich 2005 zum ›Java-Champion‹.

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