JavaFX 1.1 veröffentlicht

Unter der Homepage kann man nun die neue Version JavaFX 1.1 beziehen. Neuerungen sind:

Key Release Components

  • Official support for JavaFX Mobile
  • Language improvements
  • Performance and stability improvements

JavaFX 1.1 SDK

  • JavaFX Mobile Emulator enables developers to begin creating advanced and expressive mobile content.
  • Desktop Runtime update improves performance and stability.
  • Better support is provided for developing mobile or desktop applications from the same code base.

JavaFX 1.1 Platform Features

  • Support for "full screen" applications
  • Improved support for applications that need to access resources across multiple domains
  • Standard navigation method for cross-device content


JavaFX 1.1 Language

  • Addition of all Java numeric types (float, double, long, int, short, and byte) to the type system
  • Sequence performance and footprint optimizations
  • Dynamic footprint optimizations in animations

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