Google veröffentlicht die Instantiations-Tools für lau

Der Google Web Toolkit Blog berichtet heute von neuen GWT-Tools:

In early August, Google acquired Instantiations, a company known for its focus on Eclipse Java developer tools, including GWT Designer. We’re happy to announce today that we’re relaunching the following former Instantiations products under the Google name and making them available to all developers at no charge:

  • GWT Designer
    Powerful Eclipse-based development tools that enable Java developers to quickly create Ajax user interfaces using Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • CodePro AnalytiX
    Comprehensive automated software code quality and security analysis tools to improve software quality, reliability, and maintainability
  • WindowBuilder Pro
    Java graphical user interface designer for Swing, SWT, GWT, RCP, and XWT UI frameworks
  • WindowTester Pro
    Test GUI interactions within Java client rich applications for the SWT and Swing UI frameworks

Now that these products are available again, we hope you’ll start using them within your GWT projects. Meanwhile, our next step is to more deeply unify them into the GWT family of tools by blending the fantastic Instantiations technology into the Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE). So, there’s much more to come, including things we’re pretty sure you’ll like, such as UiBinder support in GWT Designer.

You can download any of the tools from the GWT download page. If you have questions or comments we’d love to hear from you. The best place to discuss the tools above is at As always, continue to discuss GWT and GPE at the main GWT Group.

We would love to stay in better touch with you as we have more news about how we are integrating the Instantiations products into the Google Web Toolkit suite. Sign up if you’d like to receive email updates on these products and other developer tools.

Sehr cool. Der nicht gepflegte Gui-Builder VE von Eclipse dürfte damit Vergangenheit sein.

Gibt doch mal euren Eindruck.

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4 Gedanken zu “Google veröffentlicht die Instantiations-Tools für lau

  1. Ich habe heute sofort WindowBuilderPro installiert als ich die Nachricht las. Ausprobiert, Erfolg gehabt mit allem ohne mich verbiegen zu müssen, dann alle anderen GUI Builder deinstalliert. Ich bin zu frieden. 🙂

  2. Anscheinend wird TableLayout nicht unterstützt. Meiner Meinung nach der beste LayoutManager für Swing überhaupt (Matisse und Jigloo können mit dem TableLayout um).

  3. Schöne Sache- leider ist der Windowbuilder von Google und damit aus Datenschutzgründen nicht einsetzbar.

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