Amino: Ein neues Gui-Framwork

Josh stellt in seinem Blog-Beitrag ein neues Gui-Framwork Amino ( vor.

Amino is a next generation graphics library and UI toolkit. Though originally built as support for Leonardo Sketch it is now it’s own incubator project.  Amino is a 100% open source Java library that provides:

  • a 2D/3D scenegraph with multiple backends (Java2D, JOGL, and more coming).
  • a set of UI controls, skinnable with CSS.
  • Utility classes to help you build desktop apps quickly.
  • is extremely testable.
  • 100% open source (BSD), redistributable, and embeddable.
  • 100% Java, ready for use by any JVM dynamic language (Groovy, JRuby, Jython, JavaScript, JavaFX Script, etc.)

Erweiterungen von Swing sind:

    • Uses an event bus instead of listeners on each component, enabling better separation of model and view
    • A background task API to handle threading for you.
    • Mixes a retained mode scenegraph with immediate mode paint APIs so you can work at the abstraction level you prefer.
    • There are no Look & Feel classes. All UI skinning is done directly with CSS 3, even the default L&F.
    • If you use the (experimental) JOGL backend you can directly mix 2D graphics with OpenGL code.
    • All controls can be referenced by ID, similar to JavaScript libs, enabling further separation of concerns.
    • Amino has a tool called AppBundler which generates Mac OSX .app bundles as well as JNLP builds. The user should never know that your app is written in Java, or any other language. They will just love your app.

Noch sehen die Gui-Componenten gammelig aus aber es kann was werden (ist ja alles “nur” CSS).

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