Insubstantial 6.2

Nach dem Kirill Grouchnikov in sein Substantial keine Zeit mehr investiert, gibt es vom Nachfolgeprojekt ein erstes ernsthaftes Update: Unter anderen gehört Maven dazu, Änderungen laut Webseite:

  • Gradle – the codebase has been adjusted to use Gradle as the build system. This has allowed for seampless deployment into the maven repositories. For Trident, laf-plugin, and substance-swingx this represents the entirity of the changes
  • Maven Distribution – this deserves it’s own bullet point. The jars are available from day one in the maven repositories.
  • NPE Bugs – most of the code changes are to deal with possible null pointer exceptions. No one in their right mind would use a JTable as a table cell renderer, but it does happen in the wild.
  • Flamingo API addition – a patch from Jonathan Gileswas applied to allow commands to be removed from the ribbon.
  • Java 7 fixes – there is a bug fix in Java’s Color Choosers that broke substance 6.1. This is fixed in Substance 6.2, so it should run on Java 7 now!

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