Darf man in einer Java EE-Anwendung mit Class.forName(…) einen Klasse laden?

Ja, das ist erlaubt. Siehe auch http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/restrictions-142267.html:

Why is there a restriction against using the Java Reflection APIs to obtain declared member information that the Java language security rules would not allow? Doesn’t Java automatically enforce those rules?
Contrary to common belief, most of the Java Reflection API can be used from EJB components. For example, loadClass() and invoke() can both be used by enterprise beans. Only certain reflection methods are forbidden.


Why all the restrictions on creating class loaders and redirection of input, output, and error streams?
Class loading is allowed, but creating custom loaders is not, for security reasons. These restrictions exist because the EJB container has responsibility for class loading and I/O control. Allowing the EJB to perform these functions would interfere with proper operation of the Container, and are a security hazard.

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