Doch erst mal keine privaten Interface-Methoden

So schreibt Brian Goetz:

> We would like to pull back two small features from the JSR-335 feature plan:
>  - private methods in interfaces
>  - "package modifier" for package-private visibility
> The primary reason is resourcing; cutting some small and inessential
> features made room for deeper work on more important things like type
> inference (on which we've made some big improvements lately!)  Private
> methods are also an incomplete feature; we'd like the full set of
> visibilities, and limiting to public/private was already a compromise based
> on what we thought we could get done in the timeframe we had.  But it would
> still be a rough edge that protected/package were missing.
> The second feature, while trivial (though nothing is really trivial), loses
> a lot of justification without at least a move towards the full set of
> accessibilities.  As it stands, it is pretty far afield of lambda, nothing
> else depends on it, and not doing it now does not preclude doing it later.
> (The only remaining connection to lambda is accelerating the death of the
> phrase "default visibility" to avoid confusion with default methods.)

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