JDK 8u40 freigegeben


Und es sind interessante Neuerungen dabei.

The endorsed-standards override mechanism and the extension mechanism are deprecated and may be removed in a future release. There are no runtime changes. Existing applications using the ‚endorsed-standards override‘ or ‚extension‘ mechanisms are recommended to migrate away from using these mechanisms. To help identify any existing uses of these mechanisms, the -XX:+CheckEndorsedAndExtDirs command-line option is available.

Grund dafür ist das neue Modulsystem,was in Java 9 kommt.


Starting with JDK 8u40 release, JavaFX controls are enhanced to support assistive technologies, meaning that JavaFX controls are now accessible. In addition, a public API is provided to allow developers to write their own accessible controls.

JDK 8u40 release includes new JavaFX UI controls; a spinner control, formatted-text support, and a standard set of alert dialogs.

Viele Bugs wurden gefixt: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/2col/8u40-bugfixes-2423829.html

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