Hystrix wird nicht weiterentwickelt bleibt in „maintenance mode“

So schreibt es https://github.com/Netflix/Hystrix:

Hystrix is no longer in active development, and is currently in maintenance mode.

Hystrix (at version 1.5.18) is stable enough to meet the needs of Netflix for our existing applications. Meanwhile, our focus has shifted towards more adaptive implementations that react to an application’s real time performance rather than pre-configured settings (for example, through adaptive concurrency limits). For the cases where something like Hystrix makes sense, we intend to continue using Hystrix for existing applications, and to leverage open and active projects like resilience4j for new internal projects. We are beginning to recommend others do the same.

Netflix Hystrix is now officially in maintenance mode, with the following expectations to the greater community: Netflix will no longer actively review issues, merge pull-requests, and release new versions of Hystrix. We have made a final release of Hystrix (1.5.18) per issue 1891 so that the latest version in Maven Central is aligned with the last known stable version used internally at Netflix (1.5.11). If members of the community are interested in taking ownership of Hystrix and moving it back into active mode, please reach out to hystrixoss@googlegroups.com.

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