Google App Engine 1.3

Kurz nach 1.2.8 veröffentlich Google nun die Google App Engine 1.3. Von

Store and Serve – Files can be uploaded and stored as blobs, to be served later in response to user requests. Developers can build their own organizational structures and access controls on top of blobs.
Pricing and Quotas – We include blob storage and transfer under the same datastore pricing and quotas you’re already familiar with. For more information, see the App Engine quotas page.
The new Blobstore API is now available in both App Engine SDKs for local development. At this time it can only be used by applications that have enabled billing. There’s a lot more information about the API and how it works in the Blobstore documentation (Python, Java) so please check that out and post any questions to the groups.
This release also includes some performance tweaks to the Java runtime. For example, we’ve sped up many reflective operations by up to 10x resulting in improvements on the order of 10% for applications based on dynamic languages. As always, there are a few other minor changes and bug fixes in this release, so make sure to read our release notes (Python, Java).

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