Jersey 1.0 (JAX-RS) ist fertig

Im Sun-Blog ist ist zu lesen:

JAX-RS co-spec lead and Jersey lead Paul Sandoz just announced Jersey 1.0 availability. v1.0 moments are always special and this one is certainly no exception given how progress was made on a regular basis from engineering hard work and lots of community feedback. Congrats to Paul and the entire community for a well run open source project !

Jersey 1.0 is obviously a JAX-RS 1.0 implementation, but it also adds Spring integration, a REST client, and obviously is production quality…
One of the signs of a community-involved project is the many ways the bits can be accessed: GlassFish v2 and v3, NetBeans 6.5, Maven 2, zip, etc…

With Jersey 1.0 out the door, you can now freely choose your Web Services style and stick to standards. Java EE 6, scheduled sometime mid-2009, will make this even clearer though a maintenance release.
See Jersey for more stories.

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