Apache Ant 1.8.3 freigegeben

Änderungen unter http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ant/core/trunk/WHATSNEW aufgeführt:

Changes from Ant 1.8.3 TO Ant 1.9.0

Changes that could break older environments:

Fixed bugs:

 * External XML catalog resolver failed to use project basedir when given an
   unmentioned relative path like the internal resolver does.
   Bugzilla Report 52754.

 * Fixed some potential stream leaks.
   Bugzilla Reports 52738, 52740, 52742, 52743.

Other changes:

Changes from Ant 1.8.2 TO Ant 1.8.3

Changes that could break older environments:

 * The Enumeration returned by AntClassLoader#getResources used to
   return null in nextElement after hasNextElement would return false.
   It has been changed to throw a NoSuchElementException instead so
   that it now adheres to the contract of java.util.Enumeration.
   Bugzilla Report 51579.

Fixed bugs:

 * Removed buggy duplicate JAR list in RPM mode.
   Bugzilla Report 52556.

 * Launcher fixed to pass the right class loader parent.
   Bugzilla Report 48633.

 * <junitreport> mishandled ${line.separator}.
   Bugzilla Report 51049.

 * <junitreport> did not work in embedded environments on JDK 7.
   Nor did <xslt> when using Xalan redirects.
   Bugzilla Report 51668, 52382.

 * Encoding of unicode escape sequences by the property file task
   Bugzilla Report 50515.

 * The code that implicitly sets the -source switch if only -target
   has been specified in <javac> was broken for Java 5 and 6.
   Bugzilla Report 50578.

 * MailLogger ignore the Maillogger.starttls.enable property.
   Bugzilla Report 50668.

 * Delete task example does not work
   Bugzilla Report 50816.

 * <splash>'s proxy handling has been delegated to <setproxy>
   internally so the two tasks are consistent.  <splash>'s way of not
   setting a proxy caused problems with other Java libraries.
   Bugzilla Report 50888.

 * Include task breaks dependencies or extension-points for multiple
   Bugzilla Report 50866.

 * Read on System.in hangs for forked java task.
   Bugzilla Report 50960.

 * FileResource specified using basedir/name attributes was non-functional.

 * Resource collection implementation of mapped PropertySet returned
   unusable resources.

 * The hasmethod condition failed with a NullPointerException when
   ignoresystemclasses is true and Ant tried to load a "restricted
   class" - i.e. a class that the Java VM will only accept when loaded
   via the bootclassloader (a java.* class).
   It will now fail with a more useful error message.
   Bugzilla Report 51035.

 * Exec task may mix the stderr and stdout output while logging it
   Bugzilla Report 50507.

 * Missing space between "finished" and timestamp in task/target 
   finish message from ProfileLogger.
   Bugzilla Report 51109.

 * Redirecting the output of a java, exec or apply task could print in the
   error output stream some "Pipe broken" errors.
   Bugzilla Report 48789.

 * ZipFile failed to clean up some resources which could lead to
   OutOfMemoryException while unzipping large archives.
   A similar problem in ZipArchiveOutputStream has been fixed as well.
   Bugzilla Report 42696.

 * quiet attribute added to the copy and move tasks, to be used together
   with failonerror=false, so warnings won't get logged 
   Bugzilla Report 48789.

 * System.in was closed and not readable anymore by the DefaultInputHandler 
   when Ant is used via its Java API.
   Bugzilla Report 51161

 * <sync> only supported a single non-fileset resource collection even
   though the manual said it could be multiple.

 * <sync> didn't work properly when working on resource collections.
   Bugzilla Report 51462.

 * <augment> cause a NullPointerException if it was used in a target
   that was invoked by multiple targets from the command line.
   Bugzilla Report 50894.

 * The ZipFile class could read past the start of the file if the
   given file is not a ZIP archive and it is smaller than the size of
   a ZIP "end of central directory record".

 * <javac> would create the empty package-info.class file in the wrong
   directory if no destdir was specified.  Note it may still pick the
   wrong directory if you specify more than one source directory but
   no destDir.  It is highly recommended that you always explicitly
   specify the destDir attribute.
   Bugzilla Report 51947.

 * packagemapper now honors the handleDirSep attribute.
   Bugzilla Report 51086.

 * the attributes of macrodef tasks had their values run through
   property expansion twice. Still true by default, but can be disabled.
   Bugzilla Report 42046.

 * jvc doesn't like it if source file names in argument files are
   Bugzilla Report 31667.

 * ZipFile didn't work properly for archives using unicode extra
   fields rather than UTF-8 filenames and the EFS-Flag.

 * Access to DirectoryScanner's default excludes wasn't synchronized.
   Bugzilla Report 52188.

 * When a Project instance was created by a custom tasks its
   createTask method didn't work.
   Bugzilla Report 50788.

Other changes:

 * -f/-file/-buildfile accepts a directory containing build.xml.

 * The <javacc>, <jjtree> and <jjdoc> now support a new maxmemory
   Bugzilla Report 50513.

 * the documented inputstring attribute of sshexec has been
   implemented and the actually existing attribute inputproperty
   Bugzilla Report 50576.

 * The concat task now permits the name of its exposed resource
   by means of its 'resourcename' attribute.

 * The expandproperties filter now accepts a nested propertyset
   which, if specified, provides the properties for expansion.
   Bugzilla Report 51044.

 * <junit filtertrace="true"/> will no longer filter out the very
   first line of the stacktrace containing the original exception
   message even if it matches one of the filter expressions.

 * Upgraded to Apache AntUnit 1.2

 * Provide read access to Mkdir.dir.  Bugzilla Report 51684.

 * <delete> and <move> have a new attribute performGCOnFailedDelete
   that may - when set to true - help resolve some problems with
   deleting empty directories on NFS shares.
   Bugzilla Report 45786.

 * <loadfile> and <loadresource> used to log at level INFO to signal a
   property hasn't been set when the resource was empty even if the
   quiet attribute was set to true.  They will now use VERBOSE
   Bugzilla Report 52107.

 * <javac> has a new attribute createMissingPackageInfoClass that can
   be set to false to prevent Ant from creating empty dummy classes
   used for up-to-date-ness checks.
   Bugzilla Report 52096.

 * URLResources#isExists has become less noisy.
   Bugzilla Report 51829.

 * The <retry> task has a new optional attribute retryDelay that can
   be used to make the task sleep between retry attempts.
   Bugzilla Report 52076.

 * <signjar> has new attributes that control the signature and digest
   Bugzilla Report 52344.

 * Initial support for Java 8.

 * <sshexec> can optionally create a pseudo terminal (like ssh -t)
   Bugzilla Report 52554.

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