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SmartGWT 1.2 has been released. I have added several new samples to the Showcase including a real world mini-application. The other new samples can be found under the „New Samples“ side nav item.

This is a feature-complete production ready release. There are only around 20 enhancement requests and 20 low / medium priority issues in the SmartGWT tracker which I think is pretty telling for such a comprehensive library. I hope to get to them over the weeks to come.

Here are some of the key features of this release :

  • GWT 1.7 is fully supported and integration with GWT widgets has been improved significantly. Along with standard GWT widgets, you can now easily add Google Maps or even a Google Visualization Chart to your SmartGWT application
  • Hosted mode performance improvements
  • Fully implemented the highly requested ResultSet API.
  • ListGrid performance improvements
  • Full Support for Safari 4.x
  • Support for Grid editing with all cell editors active
  • Auto-loading of dependent XML schema for loadWSDL() and loadXMLSchema()
  • Extended WebService APIs to allow simplified input data and allow setting SOAP headers
  • Numerous enhancements. See the detailed API Changes document. Around 35 additional enhancements and bug fixes that were logged in tracker
  • Official Maven Repository
  • Enhancements to RPC Tab in Developer Console (shows component that initiated request, if applicable)

Looking ahead there are several exciting new features that are going to be in the next release. Deep level of customization of pretty much any widget is going to be supported. For example you’ll be able to fully customize grid headers, provide your own widget implementation to use as a Tile in a TileGrid, or even customize pretty much any aspect of the Calendar component.

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