JavaServer Faces 2.0 Draft und Diskussionen

Dinge, die aktuell diskutiert werden und ich interessanter finde:

  • The act of writing JSF applications and components „by hand“ will be made much easier by this JSR.
  • Allow for „zero configuration“ web applications. No faces-config.xml, no web.xml. If necessary, annotations will be used to supplement the configuration data.
  • Leverage annotations to declare JSF artifacts (components, managed beans, navigation rules, etc) to the runtime.
  • Eliminate the need to author a JSP tag handler when writing JSF components.
  • Real world, production view description technology, including templating: include something influenced by Facelets, JSFTemplating or Tiles in the specification
  • All the artifacts that comprise a JSF application can be modified while the application is running.
  • Expand the request processing lifecycle to be aware of Ajax.
  • Decent client side, inter-component and form-level validation (leveraging JSR-303 validation if possible).
  • Strategic additions to the Standard HTML RenderKit: Date Picker, Tree, Tab View, File Upload components.
  • Provide a mechanism to minimize the „Lost Update“ and „Duplicate Button Press“ problems.
  • Page actions: The ability to say, „when this page loads, invoke this action (via Ajax if necessary).“
  • Allow JSF application resources to be accessed via REST. Add support for REST (JSR 311)
  • „Skinning“, or „Themeing“ of components.
  • WebBeans (JSR-299)

Die Dinge (und mehr) könnten Teil von Java EE 6 werden.

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